how to love and live life to the fullest

You and I may never meet. But I already know something about you.

Loving yourself, finding your passion, and living life to the fullest matters to you. You wouldn’t be looking at this blog if it didn’t.

I don’t know the details of what’s happening in your life, of course. But I’d love to find out. For instance…


Learn how to love yourself and be who you are

Do you wish you knew how to boost self-esteem, feel more confident, and experience a loving relationship with yourself and others?

Be Real‘s Love Posts offer love lessons, relationship advice, and skills that have successfully helped thousands of people find love. Learn how to love yourself, love another, and share the special person you are in a relationship.  


Find out what lights your fire



Or do you want to live a meaningful, purpose driven life that reflects who you are and what you value?  

Be Real can help you find your passion, discover your gifts, and establish life goals.  

Take a look at the Passion posts for helpful exercises, tips and tests that will show you how to find a job you love.



Discover how to enjoy life

Maybe you’re trying to relax, stress less and enjoy life more?

Here on Be Real you can learn how to relieve stress. To value yourself as a human being, rather than a human doing.  

Learn stress management techniques and coping skills in the Life posts that teach you how to deal with stress and live in the moment.

My name is Bea, and I’m a therapist. I’ve spent the last 15 years learning firsthand from people what they most want in life – and what gets in the way of them having it.  



In Be Real, you’ll learn how to achieve the three major desires people have shared with me over and over again:

  1. How to love ourselves and others
  2. How to find our passion and create a life of meaning and purpose
  3. How to slow down, enjoy life, and life life to the fullest

The Be Real Posts , Meditations and Resources offer my best techniques, strategies, and tools.  For your convenience, I’ve categorized posts about each of the above areas under Love, Passion, and Life.


Hi! I’m Bea, creator of Be Real

About Me gives a glimpse into my own spiritual journey and background.  Whatever I write about here, I’ve not only dealt with professionally but also personally. I feel called to share what powerfully impacted my own life, and the lives of others, with as many people as possible.

Please read my story, From Queen Bea to Real Bea – What a Long, Strange Trip it’s Been.

Being real and communicating it is an act of courage and love for ourselves. It’s also a gift to everyone whose life intersects with ours. After all, only when live authentically can we fully relate, engage and connect with one another. 

Being who we are is a gift to ourselves, each other and the world.  And it all starts with the individual decision to be who we are. So thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope you’ll join me in the choice to love and live life to the fullest and Be Real.


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Bird-Brained Determination

Bird-Brained Determination   What the…? It’s our 6 year old son Leo’s new favorite expression. As in “what the (heck is my mom raving about)” or “what the (dickens just flew up my pant leg).” Except in this case I was saying it… while staring amazed at the third nest some determined house finches were constructing in our newest backdoor

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Less Judging = Less Anxiety

Less Judging = Less Anxiety   People who judge are some of the most anxious people in the world. I should know. I’ve worked with plenty of them. I’ve also been a world-class judger myself. And if there’s one take-home I’ve noticed, it’s this.  The more judgmental we are, the more anxious we tend to be. Our

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Protect Your Vulnerability

Protect Your Vulnerability   As a writer, therapist, and parent, I’ve learned to strike a delicate balance. On one hand, it’s important to be authentic. To “find your own voice,” so to speak, and be true to yourself and others. The most real we are, the more relatable. At the same time, it’s a wise idea

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Finding Strength to be Vulnerable

Finding Strength to Be Vulnerable   Someone said to me recently, “I know how to be authentic – what I don’t know is how to be it and keep myself safe. How do I take care of myself around other people? How am I supposed to be vulnerable and protect myself at the same time?” It’s a tricky

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Step Back & Calm Down

Step Back & Calm Down – What to Do When You’re Feeling Triggered   Never been triggered? Be glad. And maybe read on, so you can better understand how to respond to someone who is. For the rest of us, the sensations of a trigger from the past are easy to identify. Some common ones… Our pulse and

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Bears, Bats, and Snakes – Oh My

Bears, Bats and Snakes – Oh My   Those of you who’ve read about me know my family and I moved last year to an old stone house in the country. For city slickers from DC, this was a dream come true. Even if it came with a few unexpected surprises. One of the most pronounced (and,

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Feel How You Want To

Feel How You Want To   How do I want to feel? It’s a deceptively simple question. It’s also a game changer. With it comes the power to alter how we live. For many of us, asking ourselves this seems like putting the cart before the horse. “How do I want to feel?” isn’t so much the

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How to Be a Healthy People Pleaser

How to Be a Healthy People Pleaser     “I’m so tired of caring what people think,” a client confided the other day. “I wish I didn’t want people to like me so much.” I get it. As a people-pleaser myself, I know how exhausting it can be to try and make everyone happy. Especially

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5 Success Tips for Millennials in the Workplace

5 Success Tips for Millennials in the Workplace   Here we are at last – the end of our series on Millennials in the Workplace. We started this journey by asking ourselves what millennial stress is and why we should care about it in Part 1. Next, we tried to understand the challenges of today’s millennials

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How to Work Better with Your Millennials

How to Work Better with Your Millennials   There are high functioning millennials and satisfied employers.  And there are struggling millennials and challenged employers.  Which group do you belong to?   In this post, we’re going to focus on challenges the second group of millennials and employers face.  We’ll address five of the top conflict areas of struggling millennials

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