guided meditations

People love guided meditation. Even those who start off skeptical or nervous love doing them once they discover how easy it is, and the peace of mind they feel afterwards.

There are two important things to know when it comes to meditation.

(1) Meditating doesn’t have to be difficult. You’ve probably already done it. Ever worried or ruminated about something? Then you’ve meditated. To offer a very basic definition of meditation, meditating is focusing your mind and attention intently for a sustained period of time.

(2) What you focus on directly impacts how you feel and act. If you focus on something positive and relaxing instead of something negative, you’re going to feel positive and relaxed. This makes meditation a great technique for calming anxiety and living in the moment. It will also teach you how to focus better, how to control your thoughts, and ultimately how to control your mind.

Ready to give it a go?  Try one of the free guided meditation recordings below. And if you have a spare minute afterwards, please write a review and let me know how it worked for you. I welcome feedback to help me know if I’m on the right track, or if there’s something that would make the experience even better for you. Thanks!

The first, Be in the Moment, is a 10 minute meditation. It will help you live in the moment and experience the power of now. Click here to listen and enjoy this introductory guided mindfulness meditation:


Peaceful Place is a 10 minute meditation for relaxation and peace of mind.   Click here to listen and enjoy this well loved guided relaxation meditation:


Let Go of Anxiety and Fear is a 25 minute guided meditation for anxiety. Use this natural remedy for anxiety to overcome fear and restore peace of mind. It can also be used as a sleep guided meditation.  Click here to listen and enjoy one of my best guided meditations for calming anxiety:


For those who’d like to practice the techniques individually, I’ve also split the Let Go of Anxiety and Fear meditation into three parts.  

Part 1 is a 10 minute guided meditation that helps you Feel Better through Mindfulness. Follow the steps  to safely identify, experience and release any negative emotions you may be experiencing. You’ll also learn to calm and soothe yourself when you most need it. Click below to listen:


Feel Better Through Mindfulness – a 10 minute guided meditation by Bea von Watzdorf (



Part 2 is a 10 minute guided meditation that helps you Think Better and Feel Better. Follow the steps to learn to feel better by thinking accurate, helpful thoughts that support and reassure you.  Click below to listen:


Think Better and Feel Better – a 10 minute guided meditation by Bea von Watzdorf (



Part 3 is a 13 minute guided meditation that helps you experience Thankfulness, Trust, and Hope. Follow the steps to learn spiritual practices that will help you develop a spirit of peace, confidence, and optimism.  Click below to listen:


Thankfulness, Trust and Hope – a 13 minute guided meditation by Bea von Watzdorf (



Slow Down and Enjoy Life is a 15 minute guided meditation. It was created to help you take your foot off the accelerator and enjoy life to the fullest.  Click here to listen:


Slow Down and Enjoy Life – a 15 minute guided meditation by Bea von Watzdorf (



Next are two relaxing guided sleep meditations. Go to Sleep is an 11 minute guided sleep meditation that helps you fall asleep by guiding you through a progressive neuromuscular relaxation. Click here to listen:


Go to Sleep – an 11 minute guided sleep meditation by Bea von Watzdorf (



Back to Sleep is a 6 minute guided sleep meditation. It uses breathing, sensory soothing, and hypnotic suggestion to encourage you to return to sleep after waking. Click here to listen:


Back to Sleep – a 6 minute guided sleep meditation by Bea von Watzdorf (



I’ll be adding more guided meditations to this page in the coming months.

Here are some topics I’m thinking of:

feeling better
being true to yourself
staying positive
getting motivated
coping with stress
coping with anxiety
coping with depression
handling insomnia
believing in yourself
safely experiencing and releasing feelings (e.g. anger, anxiety, hurt, sadness)
centering and rebalancing
pausing before acting
self-acceptance and self-love
tapping into your passion
feeling connected
feeling alive
heart opening

Are there any other topics you’d like to see guided meditations on? Please let me know. And if you haven’t already subscribed and would like to me to send you emails notifying you of updates and newly added meditations, please subscribe now.

Finally, if you’d like to learn more about meditating, there are some useful sites I recommend checking out.

Headspace ( teaches how to develop a meditation practice from square one. Deepak Chopra’s site ( and Tara Brach’s site ( also have some really nice meditations and tips. Finally, Live and Dare has an overview of the different types of meditation ( that can help you decide which best suits your needs.